Sunday, July 8, 2012

At the Gym 2 (8th iPad Sketch)

Drawn this afternoon, from life.

In the seconds it took me to suggest the position she was in, the woman finished recording her reps on this leg-work machine on her iPhone and moved away.

I was so absorbed in capturing the gesture, I didn't notice she was seated in a very similar position on a different machine right next to this one.


  1. These are fun. My daughter is really .ovng that art rage.

  2. Thanks, Anthony.

    It is great for the application: sketches in public with no washing up, no one necessarily knowing what you are doing, so not self conscious.

    But I am missing the mess.

  3. has anyone come up to you to see what your doing?

  4. btw: if you go to my FB page you can see the project taking form in the folder "so it begins"

  5. No. I look like everyone else in San Jose, including the little kids. Very affluent, tech heavy town.

    Fb: well okay, this once. Not my fav place.

  6. I love that you show us all of it. I believe in that--I have to. What happened to the pink portrait? Wasn't it in this spot? Excuse me I have to a scroll.

  7. Thanks, LW.

    The pink portrait was influenced, heavily, by the place I am staying. I didn't feel it fit with the rest of my stuff. Aberrational.