Saturday, July 28, 2012

At the Bakery (iPad Sketch)

Drawn from life, at the outdoor seating at Cocola in San Jose, California.
Cocola is a great place to take your laptop and work, or take your sweetie and talk, or take your iPad and draw.

This is the bakery at which afternoon tea was taken, in my earlier iPad sketch of a man and woman.

And Santana Row is nice:  somewhat like the Grove in L.A., but with  (1) automobile traffic and (2) much greater variety of types of store.

And no canned music or trolley, so less of the Disneyland feel.

Like the Domain in Austin.


  1. Another fine iPad endeavor. You are working up quite a portfolio. Why not put some of these drawings in the iPad archives. I found that the other night. I think your work belongs there. It's excellent.

  2. Thanks, Linda.

    I hadn't heard of that. I'll look into it.

  3. Another interesting piece with a different technique. The freedom you are enjoying must be quite stimulating. I know it is for me just as a viewer,

    L.W.(above) always comes up with excellent advice and comments - I am fortunate enough to have her visit my blog too.

  4. I am just very impressed. Do you use a stylus or just your finger?

    I do feel the Grove has a very Disneyland feel. It's a little over stimulating.

  5. Thanks, Margaret.

    For this, finger.

    Occasionally I use stylus, but it does't feel as natural to me.

    I agree, about Grove. I love the old Farmers Market, though, and go there every time I am in town.

    Someplace else I love in LA is Little Tokyo. Try Cafe Dulce.

  6. Little Tokyo is very close to Geffen Contemporary. Interesting to visit. (does anyone know what's happening with MOCA?)

  7. Hi Jean! I like how the freedom of your work makes perfect sense. 'Drawing from life', serves perfectly your style!!
    (ps. I'm sorry to have joined with no name or photo, I'm experiencing some trubles the past few days, I can't make myself visible.)
    Warm regards. KonstantinaP

  8. This one looks especially 3 dimension. I love it!

  9. Thanks, Konstantina. Warm regards to you.

  10. Thanks, Konstantina.

    Don't worry, your photo materialized.

  11. Thanks, Joni.

    He was deep in conversation and actually stayed talking for longer than I took to draw him, the opposite of what usually happens to me.

  12. I'm getting the impression this guy doesn't mix well wth bakeries.

  13. He was having an intense conversation with the man seated across from him.