Sunday, July 22, 2012

Woman; Big Hand (2005)

Woman and Big Hand are a couple of drawings from life that I did in 2005.

These are conte pencil and colored chalk on paper.


An entry in the continuing battle to lower the number of mosquitoes without poisoning them (and us).


  1. Something tough about this leanness, musculature, especially on the left. I don't get a happy feel from these; the leanness could be athletic, but it seems a bit extreme, at least on the left.

  2. The figure on the left was drawn from an older model. A lot of what you are sensing was also what I was getting from her.

    The torso on the right was a much younger model, graceful and pretty. I don' remember sadness, either from her or me or anyone else in the room.

    I have always thought of it as a pretty drawing, with an extremely large hand, the thing I was most interested in, besides the creation of a triangular composition (like that right angle).

  3. *Warning*

    Never choose the drawing that the artist has gone to the expense of framing as the one to critique


    they're beautiful Jean (seriously, they are)

  4. This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry describes one of his dates as, "She has Man Hands!"

  5. You are wise, Liz. Though even when these were framed, they weren't what I thought of as technically wonderful. Just right size and color for purpose.

  6. Pup, me, too. That's why I think of it as "Big Hand."