Monday, November 8, 2010

Seated Woman In Green; Woman Dreaming On Red Couch; Woman Wearing Earrings

 Drawn from life, yesterday afternoon.

These are more of the quick, small oil pastels on crumpled green paper.

Part of the series for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project.


  1. wow thore are great... you know Jean that always when I sow your works
    I admire you so much, grat expressionism

  2. Laura, Thank you. These fast little drawings are fun.

  3. The third, the face only, is less interesting to me this time. I like the top two full figures. But of course they're nekkid, which is an advantage. Am I allowed to say that about high art? But seriously, I think it raises an interesting question, or twenty, about aesthetics.

  4. All of these are wonderful. Your expression through art is so unique, it is your gift. Always a pleasure to view-- always.

  5. Papyrus??? Did you have reed shipped in from the Nile and make it yourself? Quite the crafty lady.

    News: I've got a subject I want to do but haven't started. My left brain kicked in and I'm doing a bit of light engineering in my shop. Maybe in a couple of days or so I'll draw.

    Patience, I'm not as prolific as you.

  6. yes, I want to hear about the papyrus. Do you make it?

  7. Banjo, saying anything you please about art is allowed.

    Pamo, thanks.

    Pierre, I'm intrigued.

    Pierre and AH, I bought the papyrus. I'm not crafty: I make a big mess with most crafts. I love admiring others' craftiness, though.

  8. after last nights Santa Ana's I could start collecting palm fronds.

    When I was doing a mural for the Los Angeles Youth Network on Gower (destroyed), I used to have this homeless guy approach me daily with portraits he was painting on palm fronds. I can't say he was a great talent but I did think it was a novel way to make a buck.

    the first figure in green
    I like that color palette

  9. PA, I like that green, yellow, black, too. Palm frond guy sounds enterprising.