Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Woman Reclining On Flowers

Drawn this morning, from life.

Oil pastel on pastel paper, about 12"x8".

About this:

I'm having a lot of fun with these oil pastels. Especially now that I've realized I can smear them a bit if I want--and, sometimes, I do.

It's a beautiful, sunny and mild day today. Fairly tame for Austin and appreciated all the more for that.

This model is much larger, lusher, than most and the flowers just seem to belong with her.


  1. Love to oggle your stuff. Great colors.

  2. Wonderful — like a memory come to life in a magic bouquet.

  3. LUSH..!

    I sent you an email. We'll be in Austin soon!

    wv: you won't believe this...chili

  4. Thanks, Pierre. The colors are fun and form another shorthand for shape.

  5. William, thanks. Beautifully said.

  6. Shanna, thanks for the word "lush". I've now added it to the text. I just didn't want to say plus-sized or full-figured; sound wrong to me.

    Those wvs; maybe it is an intelligent program!

  7. Thank you! Do you know Mary Bucci Bush, by any chance?

  8. I'll look up Mary Bucci Bush.

    You've made the petals fleshy too! Here is an artist that I absolutely was bonkers over when I was in college. She lost favor with me during the dry conceptual work of the 90s but I'm rediscovering her

    Alice Neel

    I saw a one person show of hers at Loyola Marymount college back in the early 80's. Bought the catalogue, lost the catalogue...dam it

    wv: wingmuse (thats a good one)

  9. I like the purple here--seems unusual. Is it?

  10. PA, yes, Alice Neal is something. Really fascinating personal life, too. Wingmuse: I'd keep that one, for sure.

  11. Banjo, this is a question I can't really answer and you can't really ask, from your viewing online. Too much depends on the fidelity/settings of your monitor.

    As a general matter, I guess that the oil pastel is some tint (meaning a little white was added) of a muddy purple that makes it look like a dark mauve. I added some off-red (trending to pink) oil pastel to bits of it and smeared them.

  12. Yes, very lush and wonderful use of these muted complementary colors.