Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Woman Standing On Brown Paper; Back On Purple And Blue; Figure In Red; Reclining Figure In Blue; Reclining Figure In Yellow; Back In Blue And White

 Drawn from life, this morning.

More small, quick sketches (these are about 5"x8") for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project.

These are all oil pastel on different fancy papers.

I am enjoying the challenges that these different surfaces present.


  1. These are wonderful Jean! Again I like the blue and orange, can't get too much of that combination.

    Sounds like an interesting project!

  2. yes wonderfull like always, I like a lot the the tthirt paint, with red and green, very expressiv

  3. Thank you, Katherine and Laura.

    These little pieces are so much fun to make.

    And figuring out how to make them work in a sketchbook that will be handled is fun, too.

    My tentative plan is to glue them to the sketchbook pages after I spray them with fixative--not something I normally use, but I think, important for this purpose.

  4. The blues have it for me on this post. The one third down where you let the texture of the papyrus come through as a line in itself. Strong and graphic

  5. PA, thank you. I love the blues, too. And the quickness of these little things.

  6. I love the sixth one. It's very special. You're good. Very good.