Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woman Sleeping In Green; Woman Sleeping In Red; Woman Sleeping At Night; Woman Resting On Stool (Brown); Woman Resting On Stool (Gold)

Some of this morning's drawings, drawn from life.

These are more for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project.

All about 5"x8", pastel on varied art paper, including some pastel card.

To see more from this series, go to imagekind.  (Blogger was not cooperating with the posting of more images.  Indeed, I had to struggle with the program to get any image posted.)

These are small, quick sketches.  The actual poses were long, about an hour in each pose, minus times for breaks.  So I was able to draw the same two poses repeatedly, with different colors on different papers.  Lots of fun for me, and excellent exercise.


  1. Jean,
    I am amazed to see in every day, new work here!
    Congratulations on the willpower!
    I admire you! the pictures posted yesterday and today are excellent!
    all expressive and intense!

  2. I love the bottom one and just that hint in black of definition of the abdomen. Loverly.

  3. For me it's the bottom one and top one, in that order. Not sure why, but they feel more interesting--and sure of what they're trying to be?

  4. Denise, thank you. I know it seems like a lot of volume; these very small pieces are intense and quick.

    Thanks, Margaret. Me, too.

    Thanks, Banjo. It's fun to play around with different ways of seeing the same image. The bottom one is exceptionally sensual, in part because of the paper.

    This blog functions as an art diary for me; recording stuff as it happens. (Though I don't actually post everything, I do post a lot of it, much of it not in final state.)

  5. I like the top image most but am intrigued at how the pastels sit atop the fiber on the papyrus figure at the bottom. Really shows up strong with the green

  6. PA, I am liking that paper too; it's translucent, a fairly open weave. I don't think it's papyrus, but some kind of very thin fiber.

  7. Both the green ones do it for me. (Altho I should try to adjust my monitor because they may not be green at all.)

  8. Excellent point, AH.

    There definitely are colors, but just what they are can only really be seen in hard copy (aka original).