Friday, May 18, 2012

Sleeping in Gold and Purple; Artists and Model

This week, I was in Chicago and got the chance to visit Palette & Chisel .

These sketches were drawn from life, at P& C's open studio, May 14.

P&C conducts an outstanding open studio, with natural north light and superb ventilation.   I was traveling and brought only small sketchbooks and a few pens and pan pastels.  But the studio is well designed for oils.

Sketch is on watercolor paper, about 5"x8"

Sleeping in Gold and Purple is pan pastels, ink, Tombow marker, brush and water.

               * * *
Nature watch:
I haven't seen any fawns yet, this season.  But here's a snapshot of last year's model.


  1. Now I might tag along with my son to Chicago next month. This is really quite a nice opportunity to sketch from life. As usual, your sketches are wonderful. I especially like the way you use dark lines reminds me of Cezanne. I like both of them. The darkness is so dramatic.

  2. Thanks, Linda.

    You should. The club is in a great neighborhood and is itself in a wonderful old mansion. Definitely, ask for a tour of it.

    And be sure to visit the Art Institute. I make multiple trips when I'm in town for a few days.

    I join as an out-of-town member and have access to member perks. This time, I got to visit during members-only week at the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective. Plus there's a members lounge.

  3. Belo trabalho...Espectacular....

  4. Thank you, Fernando.

    Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Your use of darks is amazing. Really magnificent paintings.

  6. May 8, top pic, plus Tues. and today--your muted (word choice?) colors are very interesting to me. Probably because I lack training, I tend toward bright, thick color, like VanGogh, but this subtler biz lately is very nice.

  7. Thanks, Banjo. I've just been attracted to darker, muddier colors lately.

    I'll have to think about why.

  8. I love this abandoned position of the nude and the painter painting is fabulous too!

  9. I do at times miss the social aspect of working with others. I haven't taken a class for awhile now

  10. Liz, I haven't either, though who knows about the future.

    But the life drawings from models I do are from open studios: no teacher, no tuition, just a shared model, so it costs much less per person.

    I've been doing so much of it because, in Austin, each person pays around five dollars for three hours.

  11. These colors are so deep and full. That's what a really like in these.

  12. The small paintings are wonderful. I love the line work and the mood is captured so well. Great colors.

  13. AH, purple waves and golden haze.

    Thanks, Margaret. I love the colors too.

    Thanks, Anthony. Drawing really small (which this is, for me) paradoxically lets me get more information into the sketch in a short time.