Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flower Seller on a Cool Morning (Work in Progress)

Update:  One thing I'm thinking of is changing the composition to enlarge the bouquet, so that it fills the upper right quadrant of the painting, something like the mock-up, above.

Below, is the painting as it looks, now.  Still a work in progress.

I'm going to put it aside for awhile and then re-evaluate the composition.


Flower Seller on a Cool Morning: oil paint on 30"x40" canvas. Still a work in progress.

 Meanwhile, be sure to check out the swimming turtle, on my other blog.


  1. This morning I got up (and so did Twyla) who jumped on my palate, knocked it over and along with everything else, sent a gallon of opened gesso on my studio floor.

  2. Fair enough. Twyla must have pent up artistic ambitions.

  3. I like. Very painterly. I’m used to seeing more lines.

  4. Goog mornig Jean."A rose is a rose".I hoppe to see your finished work is a beautifil painting.
    Nice day.

  5. Thanks, Anthony. This has lots of texture in person.

    Good morning, Blanco, and thanks.

    I've painted some more on it, and when it is light enough, I'll photograph it and post it here. Beautiful or not, I am happy to be painting again.

  6. Hola! Precioso cuadro, espero verlo terminado aunque tal y como está ahora esta genial..
    Un saludo

  7. --I was a bit thrown by instant visuals of Pasadena Adjacent's gesso spill. No way to start the day...
    Watch out Jean, the stuff will get on your clothes and in your blood and before you know it, it'll become a nasty habit. Very nice portrait. I like how you have her doing something. I also like how you've done her clothing--strong lines--Cezanne-like. The flowers too have a Cezanne feel to them.

  8. Thank you, Mari Jose.

    LW, thanks. PA has a beautiful new cat, Twyla. I think maybe Twyla wants to paint. If you go to PA's blog and check back, you'll see a movie of Twyla in action.

  9. I like both versions. She looks very warm and content.
    Happy Painting.

  10. Thanks, Nora. She is certainly well dressed for cool weather.

    I am just going to let this painting sit out of the way, so I can see it but not paint on it, and so I can come back to it fresh, later.

    Happy painting, to you, too.

  11. I see the basis for a preference, but I just don't have the eye or training to cast a meaningful vote. To me, she's more important than the flowers, but that doesn't respond to your problem. Letting it sit awhile is always a good idea in writing, so why not art?

  12. Thanks, banjo, letting it sit seems to work for me--eventually inspiration comes.

  13. Jean I love both paintings. It looks so great at this moment. I like to see the finishing one.
    Lovely greet

  14. Beautiful painting of the Flower seller Jean...I love painting with people in it..nice choice of colors too..