Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seated Figure in Red 1; Gestures in Gold and Purple

Seated Figure in Red 1 is pan pastels, ink and Tombow marker on approximately 8" x 8" sanded paper.

Drawn from life, Tuesday morning.

Gestures in Gold and Purple is pan pastel over ink and Tombow marker with brush and water on 9" x 12" watercolor paper.

Three-minute poses.   Drawn from life, Tuesday morning.



A doe full of promise.


  1. I think I'd recognize your figures anywhere. They are distinctive and bold. I love the red on this nude--but then you know I do love red.

  2. I just love the touches of red in the bottom one. So striking!

  3. Great gestures. Nicely captured moments.

  4. the second drawing. background colors used for shadow. Odd combination. as they say on FB (thumbs up like)

  5. I haven't noticed any unusual amount of flowers this spring. But you're lucky they're fully showing up where you're at, JS!

  6. Thanks, Linda. I do too.

    Thanks, Joni. I've now inverted the order of the drawings, which I intended to do earlier, but didn't because of time restraints. I--or blogger--can be kind of clunky awkward technologically.

    Thanks, Anthony. I love the gestures.

    Thanks for the thumbs up, PA.

    Cafe, last spring was so dry here that the normal flowering was much curtailed. This spring is much lovelier.

    Paula, I am loving them.

  7. Thank you, Laura, you are so kind.

  8. I am really in awe of the simplicity yet visually fullness of your work. The yellow one is my favorite. I love how the pigment flows

  9. Thank you, Milton.

    Thank you, minnemie. Me too. The flow is a large part of the joy of water media.

  10. Ciao Jean,
    che bell'effetto questo corpo che riempie lo spazio, sembra immenso e
    dà la sensazione di offuscare qualsiasi elemento intorno!
    I colori mi piacciono moltissimo|
    Le altre due figure mi hanno richiamato alla mente Nausicaa (non so perchè) forse per la leggiadria e abbandono...
    Ciao, ciao, un abbraccio, Floriana

  11. Ciao, Floriana. Thank you and hugs back.

  12. The red is a fun surprise, but all in all, I like the figure in gold the best of the three.

  13. Jean, If I may, I love "Seated figure in read". Seduce me.The reflection of light in your breast.The combination of gold (¿sun light?) and purple (¿blood?)
    You say "Draw of life".
    I was impressed by this work

  14. Thanks, Banjo. I'm surprised: gold over red, for you.

    Thank you, Blanco.

  15. I love the red touches in that first one...with the dark background and the green...wonderful!