Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Drawn from life, this morning.

Pastel over Tombow marker on watercolor paper, about 3"x5".

 I just got a few new Diane Townsend pastels, three of which I used here..

This drawing has a watery, swimming feel, which has made me think of going back to painting swimmers in water.  I don't think I'll be suiting up, though, like the painters here.


  1. I love it! Your choice of the legs of a nude swimmer is brilliant, as are the colors. This AM exercise beats cycling. Is there some underwater drawing equipment I should be ordering? LOL.

  2. Fabulous! I just love the blue color to enhance and mix with the body !

  3. Thanks, all.

    LW, I hadn't seen water, but now I almost do. Painting swimmers has always fascinated me.

    Incidentally, I think cyclists would also make a great subject.

    AH, dream is what I was feeling, too.

    Jane, these colors are wonderful. I just got a few new Diane Townsend pastels, my old ones are worn to nothing, so I expect you'll be seeing more pastels from me.

  4. It's the blue that made me think swimmer--it's how the legs work when swimming. The painting stopped me again as I scrolled through the blogs I follow. It is fantastic. Frame it.

  5. Very nice - love the blue. Glad to see you are busy everyday and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. LW, I'm thinking about actually laying down some oil paint for the first time in months, and this is in the queue of ideas.

    Helen, thanks--and my pleasure.

  7. This reminds me of Telouse Lautrec (sp) A bit of the old masters feel here. It's partially because you've used blue for the shadows.

  8. I just saw some T-L, today. Posters and paintings.

  9. PA, the Toulouse Lautrec painting I saw today that left the most lasting impression is "At the Moulin Rouge"

    It's a painting that someone cut down to eliminate the most interesting part of the painting (a green face at the right, a part that was later restored.

  10. That's a fantastic blue, and I love the lack of definition, the blur, between the blue and the body.

    I see the point about swimming, but I want her to be resting on a blanket that's warm and comfy, though a lively blue.

  11. Banjo, she was posed on a blanket. I made it blue.

    These reclining poses are comfy--and boring--enough that the model almost always drifts into sleep.