Saturday, November 23, 2013

Green Gaze

Drawn from life, November 3.

Pastel over Tombow marker, brush and water, on 9" x 12" watercolor paper.


  1. I love the depth and expression on her face. Evocative!

  2. I like her just fine, but "Cold Blue" and "Green/Gold Sleeper" really knock my socks off. (That's right, my socks are presently hovering in the living room air).

  3. You are a master at catching the human condition, insecurity, strength, thoughtfulness, never bliss. Why is that I always wonder. Drawing from life in the studio, I imagine.

  4. Thanks, Pamo, Banjo and Linda.

    Banjo, wow.

    Linda, absolutely right.

    Drawing from life, the most likely facial expression is "neutral" with face muscles relaxed as much as possible.

    It is the best for the model, least taxing, and the one most models use.

    I have many joyful life drawings, but either they are not focused on face at all, or they show a sleeping model.

  5. The strength or sensitivity you acheive depending on what you feel about the model has always impressed me jean. I have just answered your comment on my blog regarding this and hope to find some answers by exploring you past work.

  6. Thanks, Julie.

    I am interested to hear your insights, conclusions.