Thursday, November 28, 2013


Drawn from life,
November 5.

Tombow marker and ink on 9" x 12" watercolor paper.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. You're an endless delight.

  2. Anthony is right - this is one glowing lady!
    It really shows the difference when you have color versus tonal.
    Do you have a favorite?

  3. The golden gal is right. But glow aside, I love your contour drawing. Precise and on the mark. Excellent. Happy leftovers today.

  4. I'm amazed (as I often am here) by the difference a color can make--and between this lit-up version of her compared to the last post's suggestion of years of hard work and maybe fatigue. Like Julie, I wonder if you have a preference.

    Also, about your comment at my place, I agree. There is an attitude in that first kinglet, isn't there. Maybe calm and confident, but not arrogant? Thoughtful? Quietly pleased?

  5. Thanks, all.

    Julie, they are both favorites, for different reasons.

    One shows exaggerated form, dramatic and fun to create, the other shows a more realistic rendition, glammed up with color and judicious line.

    Banjo, it is interesting, because you are seeing a person drawn in different colors, whereas I am seeing different drawings of the same pose, which naturally evoke different responses.

    The portraits I am doing lately are not really portraits, that is, faithful reproductions of particular people, nor are the figures I am drawing actually reportage of the particular model's actual figure.

    So, you would not necessarily recognize my models, were you to meet them. I freely add or subtract years, exaggerate or minimize features, looking for rhythm and beauty and design for my piece of paper.

    And yes, about the little bird. A lot of it is posture.

  6. must of been a long pose in order to get two drawings out of it

  7. Yep. These are painting poses. Go on for five hours, sometimes ten or more.

    I just pop in, do my drawing and split.

    Sometimes I come back, later, and do another. Sometimes I stay and obsess over a pose, doing multiples of the same, without moving my position. Frequently, I just move to another spot, draw some more.

  8. Interesting info to a Crayola guy. Thank you.

  9. Thanks, K.

    Thanks to you, Banjo. Your comments make me think.

  10. Thanks for sharing. It was a wonderful painting.